Weight loss milestones effective plans

Weight loss milestones: Is it too hard to reach the milestone?

Achieving weight loss milestones is not that tough unless you got a proper plan and mindset. If you put a horse behind the coach and expect to get a good ride, no! Because you are doing it wrong. Having a good plan and mindset make you to reach the milestone effectively.  This picture is a perfect example of how bad combination makes things difficult in spite of having everything. 

Weight loss milestones

Weight loss Milestones journey

Take the decision and make yourself a commitment. Be confident. Make an amazing combination of physical, mental and emotional discipline.  Break your target into small pieces; start with completing the smaller one. By completing one by one, you will be reached on your final milestone. This article helps you to describe all to achieve your weight loss milestones. 

Weight loss milestones

Which one might loss in weight loss Milestones?

In general, weight loss milestones means reduction of total body mass. But ourbody is full of various things! You should focus on extra fat loss.  Weight loss also referred as slimming. Extra fat is always harmful your health. To lead a healthy, low risk of disease life you must lose your extra fat. Try to set your plan in like manner so that your plan focused to fat loss in addition to muscle gain.

The ideal weight

Everyone should maintain ideal weight according to their body structure. Ideal weight according to height is measured by some range of numbers in BMI (Body mass index).

According to U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (Center for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC), “Body Mass Index (BMI) is a person’s weight in kilograms (or pounds) divided by the square of height in meters (or feet). A high BMI can indicate high body fatness. BMI screens for weight categories that may lead to health problems, but it does not diagnose the body fatness or health of an individual”.

‘The calculation process or the formula law of BMI is = kg/m2’

Calculate your BMI here:https://bit.ly/3PxSOsP

The BMI Chart

Who Classification

of weight status

Weight Status

Body Mass Index (BMI) Kg/m2



Normal Range






Obese Class I


Obese Class II


Obese Class III


Source: [Figure, BMI chart with obesity classifications…] – StatPearls – NCBI Bookshelf (nih.gov)

Basic mechanism of losing weight Milestones

The amount of calorie you intake and the amount you burn – make the decision whether your weight is going to increase or decrease. If the calorie you intake is more than your burning, you are gaining weight and if the calorie you burn is more than you intake, you are going to lose weight. You have to burn your calorie more than you are intaking and thus you must maintain a calorie deficit percentage.

So, the main basic thing is ‘Calorie Deficit’. If you want to lose your weight your burned calorie must be higher than the calorie you intake.

The calorie deficit plan

You can do the deficit in three ways.

  • Less food intake, no workout
  • Burning calories by exercise only, little change in food habit
  • Combination of above. Both workout and less calorie intake

Choose the right deficit plan for you, which suit you more. It is better to choose number three, the combination of both workout, and less calorie intake. For the most effective fat loss, set the deficit level at 20-25% from your usual calorie intake.

Better plan is to target for losing 1 or 2 (0.5 to 1 kilogram) pounds over a week. Usually to begin with losing 1 to 2 pounds (0.5 to 1 kilogram) in a week, you have to burn five hundred to one thousand calories every day than your daily calorie intake. You can make this deficit by reducing calorie intake and subsequently making combination of both physical exercise and lower calorie intake.

Weight loss milestones

Be a good planner: make your own diet chart for Weight loss milestones

Try to set your own plan having combination of diet as well as physical activity. As you know the capability of yourself, so try to arrange such type of plans that suits you. Do not make such type of plan that you cannot handle.  So, make a good plan, set your diet plan. This plan depends on some factors.

  • Fitness goal

For proper Weight loss milestones set your goal first. In accordance with fat loss, if you want to gain muscle as well, you must set your goal according to it. If you want to maintain or you want both muscle gain and fat loss there should be variations in plan.

  • Body type

There are three types of body. Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. The following picture describe about which one is yours 


Weight loss milestones

1. Ectomorph: Their body type is usually thin in characteristic, got small chest and shoulder. Usually it is difficult to gain muscle in this type of body form. They can easily maintain lean body. In case of this type of body, carbohydrate percentage should be 30-35% of total diet. The ratio should be like this 30:25:45 (Carbohydrate: Fat: Protein)

Weight loss milestones

2. Endomorph:This group usually got fluffy body, round figure and slow metabolism. They got more adipose tissue so they gain fat easily. Their diet plan should have minimum carbohydrate. For fat loss their carbohydrate percentage should be 10-20% of total diet.

3. Mesomorph:This type of group is usually muscular. They should follow both workout and diet plan accordingly. They should focus on fat and protein ratio. Fat should not be more than 40% of total calorie and protein should be 20-25% of total calorie.


Don’t ignore your gender. If you are a female, then you got good capability in fat burning rather muscle gain than men. Female can easily maintain low carbohydrate diet than men. During workout they depends more on fat than carbohydrate.

Some Popular Diet

  • Ketogenic diet: This diet is good for advanced weight loss milestones. You can lose your weight rapidly by this method. Usually this is very less or no carbohydrate diet. Usual ratio in this diet is 5% carbohydrate 25% protein and 70% fat. It should be followed strictly. A very little change can hamper in weight loss. It has some disadvantages and controversy also. But it is popular for rapid and advanced weight loss. To prevent any medical condition or to know whether you are fit for this diet always consult with your doctor or nutritionist before approaching this kind of lifestyle.

Some Advantages:

  1. Rapid response.
  2. Effective for advanced weight loss.
  3. Improve some hormonal disorder like PCOS
  4. Beneficial effect in type II diabetes
  5. Beneficial in patient with epilepsy
  6. Helps to reduce seizures

Some Disadvantages:

  1. Nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, difficulty in exercise tolerance, and constipation, sometimes referred to as keto flu.
  2. Kidney problems
  3. Mineral and vitamin deficiency
  4. Ketosis may develop
  5. Very strict diet, must be followed strictly
  6. If you got some medical conditions, like chronic kidney disease, liver disease, pancreatic disease, it is not recommended for you.
  7. Serious medical conditions may develop.
  • Atkins diet: It is more a strategy than a diet for a effective weight loss milestones. In this strategy it got high protein and high fat and restricted carbohydrate diet. It got 4 steps. First is as like as ketogenic diet or no carbohydrate diet that goes for 15 days. Then it jumps to low carbohydrate diet until you get your 3 or 4 kilo weight loss milestone. Then next milestone should be achieved by increasing carbohydrate percentage. And the last phase is maintain phase by higher carbohydrate diet.


  1. It is not a strict diet.
  2. There is much more flexibility in having meal.
  3. No need to prolong fasting.
  4. Easy going nature.
  5. Unusual to develop any serious medical condition


  1. Ketosis may develop
  2. Cholesterol level may increase
  3. Most common side effect is constipation
  4. Requires consume high fiber food and plenty of water

Intermediate fasting: It is a popular method among those who are busy and hectic in daily lifestyle. If you busy, passing hectic time than you are fasting and when you got free time, you are getting healthy diet according your plan. In this method, people have to fast for certain period of time.

  • Carbohydrate Cycling: This type of method is suitable for those, who bore easily. In this method, carbohydrate ratio is changed frequently within a week. Like 3 days a week low carbohydrate, 3 days on moderate carbohydrate and 1 day in high carbohydrate diet is followed. It is flexible and friendly in nature. But response might slower than other diets.
  • Water fasting: During water fasting you are not allowed to eat anything but water. Like other types of fasting, it helps you to lose weight. Most water fasts last 24–72 hours. Do not follow water fasting for longer than this. That might create some medical conditions. Besides water fasting got many risk and it may do harm to your body if you do not maintain it properly.

Advantages of water fasting:

  1. Prevent some chronic disease
  2. It stimulate autophagy
  3. It also reduces the risk of some cancers, heart disease, diabetes etc.
  4. Help to maintain blood pressure in normal level
  5. Effective in patient with hypertension


  1. May feel tired, fatigue. May Develop dizziness.
  2. Dehydration may occur
  3. Bulimia syndrome (Eating disorder) may occur
  4. Muscle loss might occur instead of fat loss.
Weight loss milestones

Celebrate your each milestone

Don’t forget to give you a reward after getting each milestone. Every time you see scale is going down, you feel little light – enjoy with a non foodie way. See a movie, buy something for yourself, play games, go on a trip, buy some books for you or anything that you enjoy! You are great! You are doing it! Let’s enjoy your achievement by Weight loss milestones.

Don’t make it complicated!! Stick with the plan

Things can get complicated if you don’t stick with your plan. Maintain healthy lifestyle. Don’t take too much stress to lose your weight. Too much stress can increase your cortisol hormone (stress hormone), hunger, insulin, more craving to food. If you ever realize, you are sabotaging yourself by taking sugary drinks or with anything – overcome it.

Feel the differences

After each milestone you reached, you are going to feel the change gradually that won’t be on your scale. Your clothes become lose, your shirt doesn’t fit anymore, your belt needs more tightening etc. Your old shirts and pants which are not fitted previously going to fit again. Fitting the old clothes again, certainly is a lovely feeling. You must-motivate yourself, you, yourself are your main motivation and you are doing it great!  Even people are going to ask you how you did it! Once you reach your final milestone, look at the mirror – see the different yourself.

Maintain a healthy life

It is hard to achieve, but more difficult to have it for long. Let the healthy lifestyle, proper diet, regular workout to take care of your health. In many ways, you can’t even recognize yourself in your old pictures. After reaching the final milestone, you must maintain your healthy lifestyle in order to have this. Otherwise, all the effort you provided, the hard work you did and your all sacrifices will be in vain. Definitely you must maintain it. 


Some problems and solutions

  1. You don’t know what you are doing: You are doing diet, doing exercise but you don’t know which one you are following. Before starting any diet you must know about that diet properly. You must select the perfect plan, maintain proper diet chat according to you. If you don’t make your plan according to your body type, your habit, your goal etc, you won’t get results and you will demotivate soon.
  2. Not getting results: You are doing diet, doing workout but result is poor. One of the main reasons behind this problem is, the wrong combination. Just like the ‘Horse and Coach’ example was given in very beginning. Your diet plan, calorie chart, workout plan, strategy is not connected each other properly. Something is wrong. Revise and re evaluate everything you planned, do study more and rearrange everything accordingly.
  3. You got upset seeing others’ result: We just see everyone’s achievement but we don’t want to look at the heavy effort behind this success. Nothing comes short. Behind every success there must be hard work, effort, proper strategy. Focus on the behind story. You must work hard in proper way otherwise hard work will be in vain.
  4. Support form friends’ & family: You might not get support initially from others at first. Even they may do some comments which you may not like. Like, you are getting thinner, oh man! Why so much hard and fast rule, do some chill bla bla. Don’t even pay attention to it. Once you are getting your each milestone, they also going to support you. Trust yourself, you are going to make them proud of you.
Weight loss milestones
  1. Start everything at once: Don’t. You made your all bad habits and used to it with a long period of time.Don’t make yourself or even don’t force yourself to change everything at once. Divide every plan and break into pieces. Start with maintaining smaller one. Smaller ones going to be a big one soon. Just focus and reach every milestone.
  2. No fitness goal: You don’t have any fitness goal. You don’t know how you going to lose your weight or don’t have any milestone. All you know, all you want just to lose weight. No, you must have a goal and a plan according to it.
  3. The comfort zone problem: You did study, made plan, made proper chart, took mental and physical preparation and ready to start! Great! But, after starting your diet if you find that you are out of your comfort zone and it very difficult even may impossible to maintain it soon you will be demotivated and you will lose your interest, enthusiasm. To overcome this issue, you must not stat everything at once. You must put something that suits you, you must put some of your comfort zones in your plan. After being habituated with the new one, then try another. Guide yourself, be your own boss.


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