Reclaim your Sexual Health 7 Best Tips

Sexual Health

Reclaim your Sexual Health: 7 Best Tips

Without having an enjoyable sex life, you can never maintain your overall well-being and the mental satisfaction. It’s an important part of our life. Sadly today’s modern world has made our lifestyle pretty much defective and this has a great impact on our sexual health.

Without having a proper knowledge about sexual health or knowing the dos and don’ts, most of the people lead a sad unfulfilling sex life. Many of them can’t share them with others while other try to accept it as it is. Today we are going to discuss about how to reclaim your sexual pleasures and make things right about it.

What is Sexual Health?

The mental and physical well-being regarding your sex life and sexual experiences could be shortly defined as the sexual health. But it doesn’t only extend to sex but also your social and personal activities. Things like emotional happiness, satisfaction and comfort aground sex also encompasses sexual health.

Sexual Health

Why is it Important to talk about Sexual Health?

People often ask why it is important to talk about sexual health. There might even be a question like why I talk about it. Over the last 6 years of being a physician professionally, I have observed how sexual health can affect peoples life, overall well being and health. It plays an important role in our social and personal performances.

Even the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION(WHO) states that “the fulfilment of sexual health is tied to the extent to which human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled “

How Sexually Broken Peoples Feels?

Both men and women feel sexually broken for different reasons and the number is rising with each year. Without having proper guidance, the sexual health keeps getting declined. People get devastated, disheartened, mentally broken, and lethargic and feel old. Try to Imagine yourself in their shoes if you’re not one of them. It is so frustratingly unthinkable, right?

Sexual Health

How to Reclaim Sexual Health?

1. Physical Fitness :

Obesity is one of the major reasons that destroys the harmony of sexual harmony and pleasure. Obese people irrespective of male and female tend to lose their sexual desires. The weight gain results in hormonal imbalance which affects their health and mental stability. Sometimes, they become associated with various psychosexual behaviours which infers risks of getting various sexual diseases. Hence in the path of reclaiming sexual health, physical fitness is imminent.

  • If you have obesity due to hormonal reasons, you should see an well experienced endocrinologist
  • If you have eating disorder, you must see a psychiatrist and receive psychotherapy and follow their guidelines
  • If you are just lazy, try going to a gym or start exercising like walking, running, cycling, swimming etc
  • Fasting is also a renowned process to burn fat and reduce obesity
  • Eat less cholesterol rich foods and plenty fibre rich foods
  • Drink lots of water around 12 glasses per day with a well judged interval
Sexual Health

2. Getting Enough Sleep at Night :

Having a lack in sleep at night could result in your erectile dysfunction in case of male and dysfunction in sex responses in case of female. Because our body needs the rest as well after being active and all during the day. So, when you don’t sleep at the proper our, the harms your body in many ways such as making you easily irritated, the fatigue increases, your memory gets interfered, focus is hampered, lowers libido and stamina.

  • Eat dinner at an earlier time
  • Avoid screen time at least one hour before sleep
  • Don’t do exercises before you go to sleep
  • Unless it is a night of pleasure, don’t stay awake past twelve
  • If you have insomnia, seeking a professional help would be wise
Sexual Health

3. Quit Smoking :

Smoking damages the vessels carrying out blood circulation in a number of ways, specially the chemical named nicotine which is a potent vasoconstrictor. Small arteries and veins of penis are especially susceptible to the damages done by smoking – thus it is very harmful for ones sex life. Smoking also is related to two major life threatening condition namely stroke and heart attack due to the same reasons.

 Smoking also reduces libido in both men and women. Several studies suveted that there is a link between lower sex drive and nicotine

Tobacco use can also affect fertility in women. Smoker women have double the chance of becoming infertile. Smoking changes the DNA of sperm and ovum which can cause problem in fertility. Carbon mono oxide,  Nicotine and Cyanide in Cigarettes can make the window of fertility shorter as they enhance the destruction and hampers the production of eggs. That’s why many smoker women experience an early menopause.

  • Professional help Is needed in most of the cases
  • Serious will power
  • Avoid smoking triggers
  • Find a Replacement
  • Keeping oneself busy
  • Never be alone
  • Straying away from the company of smokers
Sexual Health

4. Regular Exercise :

Happy Hormone or Endorphin is released when people exercises regularly. It reduces stress which is a major factor for sexual dysfunction. In males, exercising 2.5 hours a week can increases the testosterone level upto 15% and the Kegel Exercises strengthens the pelvic floor muscle which helps in erectile dysfunction. In female, exercising for 20 minutes can increase the sexual arousal up to 169%.

For both male and female, exercise reduces stress, helps cardiovascular health, improve cognitive function and boosts stamina.

  • Get a routine for exercise in the morning and afternoon
  • Kegel Exercise for men and women
  • Exercise everyday and have a balanced meal
Sexual Health

5. Stress Reduction :

Stress is like a killer who kills silently. According to many, it is way worse than heart disease or even cancer.Most of the stress are gradual, self induced, ages you mentally and physically.

Stresscan also hampers your sexual life. When someone is stressed, the bodyreleases cortisol and adrenaline hormones which may affect the sex response hormones.

  • Socializing is a good way to fight stress. As it is found that introvert people are more likely to get stressed more, there is no more effective way than this. If you feel that you can ‘t do it, you may always take professional help
  • Keeping a journal helps you to lower some of your burden when you write down things that you can’t share with others. In other words, Writing is a way to relieve stress
  • Try to laugh more as there is a saying that laughter is the best medicine. Laughing helps in the coronary circulation which is good for heart. A good blood flow also helps your sexual health
  • Be kind to yourself. Never be judgemental and avoid negative thoughts. Try to believe in yourself and grow an attitude that you can do anything. It will help you relieving tension and stress
Sexual Health

6. Limit Caffeine Intake : 

Caffeine has vasoconstriction property which bad for blood flow. Though there are no significant proof that it causes erectile dysfunction or female arousal disorder but us doctors do know that it can restrict the blood flow which can bother directly and indirectly hamper sexual health and sex life. So, keeping the caffeine intake to a minimal level should beneficial if you are suffering from sexual problems

  • Do not take caffeine after afternoon
  • Do not make it a habit to take caffeine when you are stressed
  • Do Not take caffeine just after a meal
Sexual Health

7. Alcohol Abuse :

Drinking a large amount of alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction which is a serious issue for your sexual health. Most of the drunk people fail to keep their penises erect while they attempt to have sex with their partners. This is a medical condition.

Sexual Health
  • Alcohol interferes with the signals in the brain that tells the penis to fill with blood and make an erection. It can also decrease and testosterone production which is the main responsible hormone for your sex life.
  • Alcohol also decreases your libido if you are on it for a long time
  • Alcohol also affects the sperm production in men and decrease ovulationin women

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