Oral health and dentistry 7 problem and best solutions

oral health clipart

Oral health clipart

Oral health clipart. It is said that mouth is the mirror of your total health. According to WHO (World Health Organization) ‘It is estimated that oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people.’ But oral diseases are mostly preventive rather than curative. If you really conscious about your health, you must care of your oral and dental health. In journal of oral health and dentistry, there are some common problem associated with oral health and dentistry. In accordance with problems, here are few tips, how you can easily take care of it! 

Common oral health problems

Some of common problems of oral health care as well as oral health clipart are mentioned here shortly. 

1. Blister around the lips and tongue

Some of you might face little blisters or botch around your mouth or tongue in addition with lips. Most of them occur due to dryness of your skin, tongue or lips. It also occurs because of viral or bacterial effect. To prevent this type of blisters or cold sore, always keep your mouth moist. Keeping your mouth and lips moist is very important. You can use moisturizer cream, lip bum, petroleum jelly etc. This prevents your dryness and thus prevents this type of blisters. This is one of the current oral health reports impact factors.   

2. Wound inside your mouth

It could be occur due to various reasons. In general, most common cause is due to vitamin deficiency and dryness of the mouth. It can be seen in upper surface of the tongue, inside the mouth, borders of cheek, soft palate in oval or round shaped reddish in color. It occurs more in cold and winter seasons due to dryness of weather. Saliva plays very important role to kill pathogenic bacteria inside our mouth. But in winter and cold weather, your oral cavity might get dry and dryness of mouth may occur. That results in less saliva flow eventually wound inside the mouth. Hot and spicy foods may make this wound even more serious. Avoid hot and spicy food in such cases. Gurgling with lukewarm salt water helps you to prevent this.

oral health clipart

3. Bleeding during tooth brushing

It is a very common problem that almost everyone may face. Bleeding during tooth brushing is very irritating and sometimes may painful. Sometimes it may bleeds from the gum without even tooth brushing. This occurs due to deposition of plaque and formation of calculus inside your oral cavity. Plaque and calculus cause gingivitis and if untreated, later it might cause serious oral disease. Gingivitis is associated with gum bleeding, inflammation, pain, redness of gum etc. Regular tooth brushing properly, flossing and eating healthy food can prevent such kind of problem.

4. Sensitivity in your teeth

One of the most common problems in your teeth is sensitivity. This occurs due to various reasons. Most common reasons are eating acidic beverage frequently,  plaque and calculus buildup, cracked teeth, gum recession, long term use of mouthwash, faulty tooth brushing etc. Always try to maintain your dentist’s advice to prevent such kind of problem. Maintain your oral hygiene, regular brush and floss your teeth properly. Avoid prolong use of mouthwash. Using fluoride rich toothpaste may improve this condition.

oral health clipart

5. Cold sore

You may face a little tiny painful blister all on a sudden in your lips and may wonder oh my god! What happened!!  No, don’t worry. It might be a cold sore and it is very common problem that you may face frequently. It is caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV). You can even get it from kissing someone who already have herpes simplex virus. If you do not have any serious underlying disease or any serious underlying medical condition, it is not that much serious. Usually cold sore recover itself, self limiting. It is also named as fever blister, herpes simplex labials. 

This problem occurs in front of lips and usually associated with painful blister, redness, fever and swollen gum, swollen some of glands may also occur. You might face some muscle ache too. There are certain things that might trigger its outbreak that include stress, fever, cold, allergies, oral sex, menstruation etc.

6. Tooth Decay or Dental Cavity

You might wonder what are those black spot or cavity in your teeth and how they occur. Okay, they are dental caries. Food habit is the mostly responsible for it. Regular intake of high sugary and sticky food,  large amount of carbohydrate, snacks in between meals, eating sweets and chocolates most frequently, drinking soda or carbonated beverage regularly are the main causes of dental caries. It causes cavity and later infected the tooth eventually pulpits occur. According to WHO (World Health Organization), ‘Untreated dental caries (tooth decay) in permanent teeth is the most common health condition according to the Global Burden of Disease 2019.’

oral health clipart

7. Trauma in Oro Dental Region

According a journal of oral health and dentistry, a research ( Petti S, Glendor U, Andersson L. World traumatic dental injury prevalence and incidence, a meta-analysis – One billion living people have had traumatic dental injuries. Dent Traumatol. 2018) said that ‘Around 20% of people suffer from trauma to teeth at some point in their life.’ It depends on various factors like severe malocclusion of teeth, severe forwarded upper teeth, unsafe play ground, bicycle or motorbike accidents, violence etc. 

Are they really common?

You might wonder if they are really common problems or might get worse. Okay, they are usually not life threatening unless you have any underlying serious medical conditions. Likewise, if you ignore these problems and let them grow in your body that might cause serious medical problem. As it is said earlier oral diseases are mostly preventive rather than curative, so always try to focus on prevention.

oral health clipart

How do we prevent these?

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1.      Family oral health care

Develop a good oral health care habit in family!

Family oral health care is as much as important as your personal oral health care. You get used to care your oral health from your family. Regular brushing, flossing and periodic check up to dentist these habits develop from families. So, if your family is concerned about your oral health, it is like that you will also be conscious about yours.   

2.      Oral diseases impact factor 

Do not ignore factors like drinking cola, soda, tea-coffee, smoking etc frequently!

Some factors boost up your oral disease. Most common factors are

  • Frequently carbohydrate beverage or soda drinking
  • Do not clean mouth after having tea/coffee
  • Smoking
  • Faulty tooth brushing
  • Night grinding habit
  • Having snacks in between meals
  • Having sticky sweet food
  • Tobacco chewing
  • Betel nut/ Betel leaf chewing (South Asian subcontinent)

Most people are used to with these factors in regular daily life. Do not take these lightly. These oral disease impact factors worsen the oral health condition. Try to get rid of these or take proper measure to reduce its impact.  Smoking, tobacco chewing, betel nut chewing, betel leaf chewing are responsible for developing oral cancer.

oral health clipart

3. Personal oral health care

Take care of your personal oral health. Tooth brushing is most important of all of personal oral health cares. But if you do not tooth brush properly, you may affect with oral disease as we mentioned earlier faulty tooth brushing is an oral disease impact factor. Fault tooth brushing will not clean your mouth properly rather it will cause wear away the enamel layer in teeth. Always brush your teeth after having a meal to get best result. Flossing regularly is as important as tooth brushing because dental floss clears the area where tooth brush cannot reach. Maintain a periodic checkup to your dentist. Try to get rid off from any bad oral habit.

4. Food habit

Food habit plays very important role when it comes to your oral health. Your oral health condition mostly depends on your food habit. Eating sugary food, frequent snacks, junk food, bad oral habit like betel nut or tobacco chewing is very bad for your oral health and cause oral disease. Fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables, Alkaline food, calcium and iron containing foods, foods enrich with vitamins and minerals are not only good for your oral health but also for your overall health. Try to avoid junk food and others that may cause harm to your oral health. 

oral health clipart

5. Do a regular visit to dentist and periodic checkup

Don’t forget to pay a visit to your dentist. Even if you do maintain your oral care properly and do not feel any issue with your oral cavity don’t hesitate to go for a checkup. Because when it comes to your oral health, there might some plaque or calculus still remain that cannot be removed by brushing and flossing. Or there may some arrested caries or any ulcer that might cause problem later. So, your doctors suggest some preventive measure or some regular treatment procedure that helps to maintain your good oral hygiene thorough your lifetime. Always give a periodic visit for regular checkup to your doctors.       

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