Diet And Health Book Pdf Download

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Diet And Health Book Pdf Download

Diet and Health is written by Lulu Hunt Peters, an American doctor and the first person to popularize the concept of calorie dimension to calculate weight loss. This book has broken the also myth of being fat isn’t healthy.
Diet and Health
The author statistically proves that one can be healthy irrespective of their body structure. The word DIET always reminds us of always reducing weight, still, this book provides advice for both sides of people gaining weight and losing weight.

This book also explores beyond the fact of relating weight control as just not a healthy issue, but rather a moral issue. A person who doesn’t have a moral lifestyle tends to gain weight and is further prone to temptations. This book has also taken the subject of DIET to another dimension relating it to Nationalism; DIET can help food shortages in extreme situations like War, Drought, and Natural disasters.


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