Heart Diseases: Facts and Figures

Heart Diseases. Heart conditions are a leading cause of death worldwide, affecting millions of people each time. Understanding the data and numbers related to heart conditions is pivotal to raise mindfulness, promote forestallment, and ameliorating overall cardiovascular health. This composition will claw into colorful aspects of heart conditions, including their frequence, threat factors, symptoms, opinion,…

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Dr Nasiruddin Shamim

Md. Nasir Uddin Shamim

Md. Nasir Uddin ShamimBDS, MPH(Community Dentistry)Dental Implantology (AIC, Korea) Educated and experienced Pediatric Dentist who is great with children and all ages available to fulfill all requirements of a position with a reputable pediatric dentistry organization. Consultant, Department of Dentistry April’2022 to Till nowJahurul Islam medical college &hospital Bajitpur,Kishorganj.  Jr. Consultant, Jahurul Islam medical college…

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Dr Aminul Islam

Dr. Md. AminulIslam Bhuyan

Dr. Aminul Islam committed to ensure better oral & dental health care as well as building a successful career in dentistry. Over 12 years of employment as dental professional. Proven experience in endodontic & dental cosmetic treatment, implanting, and rehabilitation of  oral function. Sound understanding of rotary system, componeer veener technique, fixed prosthodontic treatment, and…

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