dandruff and dry scalp problem an informative discussion

Dandruff and dry scalp

An informative discussion on dandruff and dry scalp problem Are you worrying about dandruff vs dry scalp? Yes, these two problems can be the most critical obstacles in our daily life. The significant problem is that identifying the leading cause of these problems becomes challenging for us. Generally, scalp itchiness and dandruff are not harmful. … Read more

child growth and development course Best 5 Tips

child growth and development course

Child growth and development course: Things you need to Know Child growth and development course. One of the important parts of parenting includes understanding your child’s growth. As a child it goes through a series of stages of growth pattern. During growth period children may face may face a lot of physical and emotional challenge. … Read more

Ambition Nutrition the Men’s Health & Fitness best 1 Tips

Ambition Nutrition

Ambition Nutrition the Men’s Health, Fitness, and Nutrition Ambition Nutrition. Men’s health known to all as a state of complete biological, physical, mental, and social well-being, as experienced by men, and not absolutely the absence of disease. We can differ men’s health to women’s through behavioral factors, biological factors, and social factors. Long ago, men … Read more

Reclaim your Sexual Health 7 Best Tips

Sexual Health

Reclaim your Sexual Health: 7 Best Tips Without having an enjoyable sex life, you can never maintain your overall well-being and the mental satisfaction. It’s an important part of our life. Sadly today’s modern world has made our lifestyle pretty much defective and this has a great impact on our sexual health. Without having a … Read more

Senior Living Artwork Best 10 Tips

Senior Living Artwork

Senior Living Artwork Senior Living Artwork. According to the US Census Bureau, there were 54.1M US residents above 65 years of age on July 1, 2019. Among them, about 7% of seniors need personal care. These elderly folks mainly survive in assisted living facilities. That’s staggering!  Aging is the most common social concern in the … Read more

Pediatric Allergic Rhinitis the Best 12 Prevent Tips

Pediatric Allergic Rhinitis

Pediatric Allergic Rhinitis Most of us are familiar with hay fever, which is termed in medical science as Allergic Rhinitis. The name itself implies that it’s a disease associated with allergy. It’s a condition where a person or a child suffers from– Sneezing-repeatedly without a break Abundant nasal secretion Itchy nose Watery eyes Itchiness in … Read more

Migraine That Common Issue On Health


Definition of Migraine Normally a migraine is severe headache that usually comes with vomiting, nausea and sensitivity to light. It may be last hour or days. Migraine doesn’t mean headache but also causes of some neurological symptoms. History of Migraine The word of migraine invented from Greek word “ Hamicrania”. This refers one side pain … Read more

Dr. Md. AminulIslam Bhuyan

Dr Aminul Islam

Dr. Aminul Islam committed to ensure better oral & dental health care as well as building a successful career in dentistry. Over 12 years of employment as dental professional. Proven experience in endodontic & dental cosmetic treatment, implanting, and rehabilitation of  oral function. Sound understanding of rotary system, componeer veener technique, fixed prosthodontic treatment, and … Read more