Black Bengal Cat Best 10 Tips

Black Bengal Cat

Black Bengal Cat Flu and its Symptoms:

As we human beings often get flu, our dear cats also can get attacked by the virus. In a word, black Bengal cat flu is a virus that can cause our cat to get a fever with wet, runny eyes and nose!

What are the symptoms?

  • Fever
  • Runny nose and eyes
  • Constant vomiting
  • Sneezing too much
  • Drooling
  • Raw or sore throat

Black Bengal Cat flu can be a serious health condition for your pet, especially for kittens! Your pet might fall to death if proper treatment is not given. So, without making it too fatal, consult a vet whenever you find those symptoms in your beloved cat!

Why give Black Bengal Cat Flu vaccine?

Cats often suffer from cat flu and the core reason for getting it might be for two viruses, feline calicivirus and feline herpes virus. Cats are very prone to get attacked by diseases and one of the ways to save them from getting sick is vaccinating them!

Black Bengal Cat flu vaccine works for building a defense system to disable the virus inside the body without harming the black Bengal cat. If a vaccinated cat gets in touch with these viruses, Its immune system will produce antibodies and make T-cells to fight the infection. But, if a cat is not vaccinated before getting the virus, its body will not be able to fight against it as the cat’s immune system is not prepared to beat back it! 

Black Bengal Cat

Black Bengal Cat-proof house

When you are planning to get a pet, especially cats, make sure your home is cat proof. Houses that are not cat proofed can lead your cat to fatal injuries like:

  1. Fracture teeth
  2. Broken bone
  3. Fractured ribs
  4. Injuries on chest
  5. Head trauma.
  6. Abdominal injuries

You might not find any symptoms of  internal injuries of your fallen pet.But, many internal fractures can make their life more tragic than you think! It is difficult to assume how much your cat gets hurt as cats are very skilled at hiding their problems. They only leave signs when they get really unhealthy!

So, keep your home cat-proof to save your pets life!

How To assure that your home is cat-proof?

It is vital to prepare your home as the best home for your beloved cat before they face really unwelcoming! Here are 7 tips for cat-proofing your apartment:

  1. Keep your windows secure.
  2. Put Cans and dryers on the bin
  3. Do not keep sharp things like safety-pins on their reach.
  4. Cover you Balcony with Nets
  5. Keep breakable things like glasses out of their reach
  6. Cover the electric chords
  7. Do not leave your fallen hair on the floor!
  8. Chemical items should be locked in a secure place.
  9. Do not give them toxin human foods like : breads, sweets etc.
Black Bengal Cat

Unhealthy foods for black Bengal Cat:

We love to share our food portion with our cats. They also enjoy eating from our plate. But, do you know, there are some foods that can be poisonous for your cat? Have you ever tried to know about it or heard about it?

Human foods are highly toxic for cats, even foods like those you cannot imagine! Here is a list of food you should think twice before sharing with:

  1. Raw meat and eggs
  2. Milk and dairy products
  3. Dog foods
  4. Onions and Garlic
  5. Raisins and Grapes
  6. Caffeinated drinks
  7. Chocolate
Black Bengal Cat

Sign of a sick black Bengal Cat:

There are few signs that can give you a hint of your cat’s illness. Check these out and always keep an eye on them if there are any issues with your cat.

Here are few sign of a sick cat-

  1. Diarrhea and vomiting
  2. Changes in eating habit
  3. Sudden weight gain or weight loss
  4. Sudden changes in vocal
  5. Isolating in a corner
  6. Breathing rapidly.
  7. Increase in thirstiness
  8. Neglecting grooming
  9. Purring: Remember cats purr not only when they’re happy but also when they’re sick!
Black Bengal Cat

Happy Cats behavior

It is very good news if you find that your black Bengal cat is meowing back to you. Mewing back is a sign that shows your cat is really happy. There are multiples of black Bengal cat behavior that will help you understand your cat’s happiness . Here we will learn about some cat behavior that represent their sound mental health.

  1. Playing : Happy cats are very prone to play with other cats, toys and even with humans! On the other hand , unhappy cats usually hide themselves and keep themselves away from human touch!
  2. Regular eating: Happy cats have good appetites and love to take food regularly. They also tend to share food with their hoo- man as well!
  3. Using litter box: If your black Bengal cat is not likely to use a litter box, that means he/she is really unhappy or sick! They also let their owners know about their sickness by peeing or pooping outside the box!

Body language of happy Cats:

Not only cats behavior shows their happiness, their body language will also leave you a hint!

Count your black Bengal cat as a happy meow if you find these body language on them-

  1. Straight up tail.
  2. Lifts its head on your legs.
  3. Relaxed when they are around you.
  4. Turning their head to get petted.
  5. Blinking slowly.
  6. Sleeping by showing their belly.

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